Somnax's Storage Space

How I Make Things

I currently use Krita for all of my work, from sketching to inking to rendering. My renders combine raster and vector techniques, using Bézier curves for lineart and hard shading.


A laptop with a trackpad and capacitative stylus (not using a tablet)


Sketching: Wireframing figures, outlining, adding details

Rendering: Inking lines, filling with colour, soft shading, hard shading

Krita Tools

Freehand brush for sketches and shading

Bézier curves for lineart


For sketches:

  • Pencil HB, 8px 70% opacity (general use)

  • Pencil 4B, 41px 100% opacity (text)

  • Custom eraser (basically just airbrush)

For renders:

  • Ink-2_Fineliner, 10px (8 for hair, 5 for details)

  • Airbrush_Soft (soft shading)